May 10, 2004

Northward Bound

After climbing mount Kilimanjaro to see yet another Wat (mom and dad will think we really are becoming Buddhist) we were rewarded with a great view of Luang Prabang.

We said goodbye to our mates, who have grown in number since we hit LP to include Chris (19 year old dive master from South Africa), Johann (Sweden) and Annette (Scotland). We will especially miss Christian (mostly for his billpaying and bargaining antics) and Frederick (who we felt a near immediate kinship with)

Handsome blokes, aren't they

Tomorrow we head to Northern Laos, where we here it´s a bit more rustic, a bit less traveled and perhaps more scenic. Internet connectivity is bound to be more sketchy )in fact one of the towns does not have electricity yet!) so the blog may be silent for a few days...I know you´re saddened by the thought
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